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When forming plastic parts, there are many production options to consider. Which method we choose is frequently determined by the material type and specific application. At Electro Plastics, the combination of our in-house press brake in the hands of a skilled operator assures your part will be delivered exactly as specified. Whether your part requires a simple 90-degree, multi-step or unusual angle bends, we’re fully prepared to deliver a quality part that perfectly matches your print. Due to our extensive history of dealing with all kinds of shape and materials, you’ll know right at the onset if the material you’ve chosen will perform the way you’re expecting.

Depending on the thickness of the material, most plastics can be cold formed to the angle of your desire. Some plastics can be bent using a press brake, the same way as bending metal. Thicker material can sometimes be bent on a press brake, but the material may first need to be heated to
prevent stress cracking.

Hand Brake HBU 48-16-z_edited.jpg
Cold Forming: About
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