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At Electro Plastics we have the ability to hand assemble your product regardless of the complexity of the various parts being used. From gluing and bonding components together, to the silk screening and the application of any graphics including lights needed to final packaging for safe shipment, you can be assured the process will be taken care of by professionals with many years of experience. As a result, we can be your one-stop shop for prototypes to final plastic assembly of products ready for use. Call us today to discuss your particular needs and applications and we’ll walk you through the entire process. Often, when comparing manufacturing and assembly costs of a product, the use of outside suppliers like Electro Plastics to take care of final assembly and packaging will be more favorable than it would seem. Particularly when considering that temporary or inexperience workers will be needed to perform tasks that we are frequently asked to accomplish. The cost of rework and scrap will far out way the final price from us. Finally, all the care in the world can be for nothing if proper packaging is not included in the planning when bringing a product to market. We can engineer all of the packing material to assure the safe delivery of your product. Regardless of the size, ease of breakage or quantity you’re seeking, Electro Plastics is in the position to deliver your product safely and on time. It is even possible for you to provide us with a delivery list and we can take care of drop shipments using the most cost effective carrier.

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Flame processing is an available option that will add the final touch of quality to your plexiglass/acrylic product by adding a high gloss shine to the straight, exposed edges. When needed, flame processing is the most efficient solution to obtaining the look of a high-end, finished product. To assure quality and consistency, Electro Plastics performs flame processing in-house with the same great care and expertise that we use in all of our manufacturing procedures.

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