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At Electro Plastics, we’re proud of our ability to deliver precise plastic machining of components and assemblies to your exact specifications, using our state-of-the-art CNC routing equipment. Our group of expert machinists are able to create plastic parts that work well with close tolerances (withing ten-thousandths of an inch) and are consistently produced from part to part. Our CNC plastic routers are capable of high-speed automated routing of most types of plastics, and will cut plastics to meet your design requirements – whether you need simple cuts or more complex shapes.
Our CNC plastic machining equipment will process almost any type of plastic including polycarbonate, as well as acrylic, UHMW, Nylon, PETG, Styrene, ABS, Phenolic and many others.

CNC Routing & Manufacturing: About


Precision CNC plastic routing to create parts for customers for many applications. Our CNC equipment features 3 axes, CNC control, CAM programming, and dual spindles. Our experts create parts to precise specifications from all types of plastics including acetyl, nylon, PTFE, polyethylene, acrylic, ABS, polycarbonate and much more.

3 Axis CNC routers are used primarily to manufacture 2-dimensional parts from flat sheet. Our largest router has a capacity of 120 inches by 54 inches. Benefits of this include:

  • High feed rates

  • Consistency of the finished part

  • High quality edge finish

  • Tight tolerance

CNC Routing & Manufacturing: About

Markets Served by CNC Plastics Routing

  • Retail display manufacturers

  • Store fixture manufacturers

  • Graphics companies

  • Sign manufacturing companies

  • Industrial machining

  • Retail display manufacturers

  • Cut to size sheet

  • Custom trim

  • Display holders

  • Sign holders

  • Display cases

  • Store fixture manufacturers

  • Risers

  • Shelves

  • Electrical insulators

  • Electrical barriers

  • Heat shields

  • Industrial

  • Safety guards

  • Housings and covers

  • Machine windows

CNC Routing & Manufacturing: About
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