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Although the process of plastic bonding or gluing pieces of plastic together sounds like a relatively simple task, it take special skills and experience to make it happen correctly. The variations of plastic bonding material are many, while the different types of plastic material further complicates the issue. At Electro Plastics there are very few combinations of plastics and bonding material that we haven’t worked with before. Many factors need to be considered when assembling a plastic product:

  • What type of material are you bonding?

  • Are the types of material the same or different?

  • What adhesive will bond the two?

  • What application will the finished part be used in?

  • Is there an alternative? (heat/cold forming instead of bonding)

  • Is the product intended to be used inside or outdoors and what will the weather conditions be?

  • What is the expected life of the product?

  • Does the product need to be painted?

At Electro Plastics we fully understand how each of these factors and many more need to be considered and addressed. When designing your next project, we would suggest that you discuss with us the details of your project. The earlier we are involved helping you see around corners in the manufacturing process, the more able we are to help you. In addition, by making a quick call to us, a great deal of time and energy can be saved which translates into money in your pocket. We are ready and more than able to work with you. The very real value of a supplier is their ability to produce what you need, the way you need it on time and within budget.

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